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WEpractice Spring 2016 Program


This Spring WEpractice will explore the immense transformative power of a group coming together to…

Face fear, find freedom, and move forward

WEpractice is a learning laboratory where we move beyond individual spiritual practice and self-directed growth work and attune to the awakening field between us. For the past 5+ years we have been creating a space of relational support, collective clarity,and interpersonal spiritual practice that open new horizons of human potential.  Evolution is unfolding new forms of  practice that have great potential to reshape culture and community. We welcome people in all spiritual traditions at any level of experience who want to contribute to positive change.

Our Spring Program

Is there an area of life that you would like be more free to express your gifts?  For example:

  • taking your work to the next level
  • making shifts in your relationships
  • completing a creative project and sharing it with others
  • being more fully yourself
  • unapologetically sharing your love and power
  • moving through fear of rejection or abandonment

One of the most powerful polarities we experience as humans is freedom and fear (or if you like, love and fear). In this dialectic the pole of freedom points towards the awakened mind, our highest self, our most effective, loving, integrated, and transcendent beingness.  Fear points toward the dense, historic, structural aspect of ourselves and life that aim to survive and avoid change.

Fear  can be painful and paralyzing; but ultimately, with the right support, moving through fear is the path to embodied freedom.

Finding Freedom Together

The beauty is that by cultivating a field of attuned presence we have the ability to transform fear. This happens as we wake up from the trances of the past that have kept us stuck, and begin to see our present reality as it is.  By cultivating collective awareness we can disidentify from old stories and habits and recognize a path into new potentials. In the process we tap into the matrix, the key dynamics, energy, and patterns that structure day-to-day reality.  We find opportunities for new movement—opportunities that we miss when we are trying to go-it-alone or when our presence is less intense.

Who Is This Program for?

The program is for people who want to:

  • make powerful strides through old fear patterns
  • change the world by embodying more freedom and love
  • become a more effective guide for others who are facing fear

By doing this work together we augment our awareness and increase our courage.  We become more free, compassionate, and aligned with the flow of life.

Program Facilitators:


Samuel Bernier

Samuel helps people bring their whole, empowered selves into their intimate relationships and work lives.  He does this as a Relationship and Career Coach and Certified Hakomi Practitioner.  He has been exploring the transformative power of relational spiritual practice for over a decade and facilitating this work for the past 5 years.  Much of his inspiration comes from years of study with Thomas Huebl, David Deida, and Daniel P. Brown.   Sam’s first love was mechanical engineering and he graduated from UC Berkeley with High Honors. His most recent technical employment was 4 years directing the engineering department for a solar company. From there he transitioned into his deeper calling: helping people heal, grow, and contribute to their communities. His website is

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