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WEpractice is among a growing number of groups exploring the emerging realm of inter-subjective—or relational—spiritual practice. Now in our fifth year, we’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them develop their capacity for awakened, grounded presence in the complex whirl of relationships. By learning how be available to whatever is arising in relational spaces, whether blissful or painful, we not only accelerate our individual spiritual development, but we learn to show up in the world in a very different way. This is the true emergent quality of this work.

We believe that this work is necessary to birth a higher level of consciousness that the world needs to address its many problems. With the utmost humility, and yet with certain boldness, we endeavor to create an opportunity for the future to reach back and guide us towards It.

Who is WEpractice?

The WEpractice Community is comprised of people from diverse traditions who share a passion for intersubjective spiritual practice. We have solid histories of time spent on the meditation cushion and in personal growth work, and are actively taking responsibility to expand consciousness not just personally, but collectively. We are exploring and developing new ways to help each other wake up to our deepest self. We hone capacities and practices that help us relate with more consciousness, compassion and clarity.

WEpractice is comprised of some members with decades of dedicated practice, and others who have been on the spiritual path for only a short time. We believe the richness of our backgrounds adds to the power of what we do together. All people that want to cultivate deeper connections in their lives, desire ways to be more skillful in all relationships, and want to become more effective at enacting positive change in the world are welcome.

What is Relational Spiritual Practice?

Relational Spiritual Practice (RSP) is an emergent phenomena during our times. We are influenced by a number of teachers and scholars who have been on the forefront of this movement including: Thomas Hübl, Diane Hamilton, David Deida, Andrew Cohen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Terry Patten, Craig Hamilton, Patricia Albere and Olen Gunnlaugson, among others. All of these teachers have recognized novel ways to make relationship a portal to awakening.

WEpractice has been a group experimenting in this area for nearly five years in the San Francisco Bay Area. In no way are we presuming to be solitary pioneers of this work; rather, we are stewards and explorers in our neck of the woods.

Much spiritual practice of the past has been individually focussed—performed on a meditation cushion or a yoga mat. Even if we engage in group practices of song, chanting, or prayer we are not relating to others the way we do in daily life. For this reason, we often feel our spiritual practice does not integrate into our lives as fully as we would like. We may have spiritual highs in our practice or on retreat, but these fade quickly at home or at work–as well as our connection to a deeper presence and intelligence.

In WEpractice, we support each others awakening and development by bringing intense and welcoming awareness to the way we relate. We focus on what is happening now: inside us, between us, and around us. By paying close attention and sharing what we notice, we start to see ourselves, others, and life more clearly. We call this co-mindfullness work and the result is that much more of our presence, spiritual experience, and deeper potentials begin to infiltrate our day-to-day relationships.

How does WEpractice operate?

We’ve structured the group with periods where our meetings are open to the public, followed by periods where we practice in a closed container of committed members. The typical pattern is 2 open introductory sessions, followed by 6-8 closed sessions.

How can you join?

Please sign up for our email list (in the box to the right) so we can let you know when our next intro sessions are scheduled, as well as other public events. We encourage people to participate in all the open sessions to get a good feel for who we are and how we practice. Participation in at least one open session is a requirement for new members of our committed groups. Registration for the closed sessions will be available immediately after the open sessions end.

About the WEpractice Team


Christina Sophie

WEpractice Co-Founder, facilitator, and coach. At a time when the world is on the verge of a radical mass shift in consciousness, Christina is passionately committed to serving the process of cultural evolution. She also co-leads the Meditation Deep Dive, a sangha in the SF Bay Area that explores the intersection of meditation and relational spiritual practice, and is the Director of live programing for the Evolutionary Collective. Integrating a broad spectrum of philosophical and technical training from both Eastern and Western traditions, she holds degrees in both Philosophy and Psychology, certifications in multiple healing modalities, and has been in private practice for over 20 years with a focus on sexuality and spirituality. She is formally acknowledged as a teacher of Himalayan Tantra, and an avid student of Integral Theory. Her personal web site is integral-tantra.com.


Dustin Diperna

WEpractice co-founder, is founder of Bright Alliance (brightalliance.org) and Co-Founder of Synergy Forum (synergyforum.org). He is an entrepreneur, group facilitator, and meditation instructor. For the past decade has been a student of Integral Theory and has practiced in the spiritual lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. Dustin received a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Religion from Harvard University. He released his first two books in 2014: The Coming Waves and Streams of Wisdom. Dustin remains committed to developing integrally informed paths that make spiritual awakening accessible to all. He lives in California with his wife, Amanda, and daughter, Jaya.


Bill McCart

Bill is a co-founder of WEpratice and handles its business affairs (finances, web site, email, meeting logistics, etc.). Bill has been on a spiritual path for almost 20 years. His main influences are the major Buddhist lineages, Integral Theory, and more recently, Thomas Hübl. Bill is currently an independent consultant specializing in online education; his web site is billmccart.com. He also donates his time to Bay Area Integral, where he is Treasurer of the Board of Directors; he also leads BAI’s marketing efforts.


Samuel Bernier

Samuel helps people bring their whole, empowered selves into their intimate relationships and work lives.  He does this as a Relationship and Career Coach and Certified Hakomi Practitioner.  He has been exploring the transformative power of relational spiritual practice for over a decade and facilitating this work for the past 5 years.  Much of his inspiration comes from years of study with Thomas Huebl, David Deida, and Daniel P. Brown.   Sam’s first love was mechanical engineering and he graduated from UC Berkeley with High Honors. His most recent technical employment was 4 years directing the engineering department for a solar company. From there he transitioned into his deeper calling: helping people heal, grow, and contribute to their communities. His website is www.sambernier.com

Michael Brabant

Michael is a coach, consultant, and teacher. He is interested in how to synthesize the wisdom of healing and awakening and translate that to the most amount of people for the most amount of global benefit. He is finishing his PhD in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies where he is co-creating an evolutionary embodied curriculum for emerging leaders. He will be studying the quantitative and qualitative effects that this curriculum will have at a Northern California college campus with the intention of it spreading across the nation as a requirement for all incoming freshman. He is constantly studying and practicing new ways that human beings can come together in community. His research and practice on collective awareness, transparent communication, and evolutionary spirituality embodiment continually inform his evolving body of work. You can learn more about Michael and his work by visiting his website integralawakening.com.

Elizabeth Kennedy

spent over 20 years as a teacher, author and speaker in adult education, training individuals and groups throughout North America. In 2007, her focus shifted to deepening her own emerging spiritual evolution. Elizabeth soon found a home in the integral and spiritual communities of the Bay Area, where her immersion in Consciousness study and practice continues. Through her studies with Thomas Hubl, Patricia Albere and Stephen Busby, and her integral trans-lineage practice, Elizabeth has found many different ways to experience and express Love, and deepen connection. Elizabeth’s current work has emerged from this exploration and is all about Love and relationship in diverse forms, including Conscious Communion, her unique one-on-one work with clients – coaching with a focus on opening in relationship with/as Source. Learn more about Elizabeth Kennedy on her website, KnowTheDivine.com.


 Sherri Appel Lassila

Sherri has been facilitating groups for past 17 years with a focus on discovering and expressing our unique Self and Work, unleashing creative flow, and deepening connection to ourselves and each other. She has transformed the lives of hundreds of professionals from around the world in her workshops, groups, and coaching programs. Currently, Sherri teaches Unleashing Creativity and Leadership at Stanford Continuing Studies, co-leads the Women’s Group program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, facilitates Professional Reboot Coaching Circles to help women create more meaning and balance in their careers, and maintains a private transformational coaching practice. Throughout her 17 year coaching and social entrepreneurship career, Sherri has been on a spiritual path and has incorporated mindfulness practice and teaching into her work. When she began relational spiritual practice about 7 years ago, she found a whole new level of awakening. Since then, meditation and spiritual practice have been the very foundation of her life and work, and she is thrilled to now be facilitating these practices and contributing to the emergence of this critical capacity in our world. As a mother of two, Sherri is also passionate about expanding pathways for making a difference while raising a family, and evolving a culture which reflects our higher values and wisdom. Her website is www.sherrilassila.com

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